In this digital world, everyone prefers to shop online. However, it has become a trend for individuals as well as for all businesses, who are moving onward the internet. Everything goes online here in Pakistan, from personal transportation to food (Careem, Uber, Bykea, FoodPanda, Daraz. pk, etc.) and grocery delivery. However, we are many years behind other developed countries technologically. But we still have risen in online shopping, e-commerce stores, and virtual outlets of recognized brands.

 In short, all businesses need a digital presence if they have long-term business plans. To launch your online business presence, you will need a few things, from domains name registration to digital marketing. First, you should register .PK domains name, since your target audience is from Pakistan and you are interested in gaining credibility for your business. Registering a PK domain for your new business or online business website with a Pakistani domains name is a good step to reaching out to the Pakistani community. Finding a cheap PK domain name here in Pakistan is not as easy as you consider, but if you have a unique brand name or follow valuable advice on buying a PK domain name, you can find a way to register a perfect domains name. 

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Here One Question Arises in Your Mind, How Could You Buy a Cheap pk Domain Name; 

For this, you don’t have to come here to the office; Contact our support team via live chat, email, or phone number for help finding PKNIC domains. Otherwise, enter your domain name in the search bar on the domain registration page and register your preferred domain. As Pakistan’s number one domain registrar, we make sure you get access to the best domain names. We also have a variety of domain extensions for you to explore and purchase at great prices. You can combine them with our reliable hosting plans and world-class web development administrations to create a website that reflects the real you.

What is a PK Domain Name?

As you know, the PK domain is a country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) only available for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Corporations or sub-branches of global corporations target the Pakistani audience. Anyone can use it with a Pakistani target base, and it must register for at least 2 years. If you think so, how can you register it or meet other eligibility criteria? For a .PK domain name, please note that anyone residing in Pakistan with a valid NADRA CNIC card is eligible to enter. 

International users don’t have any restrictions either; You can also register as many PK domains as you need. As we know that domain name is the address of your website through which visitors can easily visit your website and can interact with you easily. That does not matter where you are located at this time either in Pakistan or Foreign Country.

pk Domain name

Where Can I Register a PK Domain? 

You may see various domain registrars , but Tricasol is the gold partner of Pakistan registration, providing reliable domain and web hosting services at competitive market prices. We are also authorized to register any second-level PK domain extensions such as.COM.PK, NET.PK, .ORG.PK, FAM.PK, EDU.PK, BIZ.PK and all other government extensions.GOV.PK. GOP.PK. GOS.PK. GKP. PK, GOB.PK, GOK.PK. According to PKNIC’s registration policy, all types of Pakistani ccTLDs can register for a minimum of 2 years. Currently, the decision to register it for 1 year is pending in the PKNIC registry. If you are a local or a foreigner running or planning to run a business, organization, or company in Pakistan, then PK name is the best choice for your website.

The PK domain also helps others who are not from Pakistan but have their business in Pakistan or want to open their business to present their business with their company name as a Pakistani company in other countries. As mentioned above, the PK domain is registered for a minimum of two years, so after its period (2 years) has expired, it will require a renewal process, which means you will have to pay for it again or consider registering after its due maximum of 10 years at a time. Another thing that is very important and different from other TLDs or ccTlds in terms of registration/renewal is that the price is lower. 

For those with a local address and above for international identities. You can also renew yours.PK for a minimum of 2 years and at the same prices you pay when you buy it. We are the only popular agency in Pakistan that offers all types of.PK domains. At an affordable price and also provides a PKNIC reseller panel to register and manage your domains. And those of your customers yourself. You can compare our prices with any other company or service provider like us. Which proves our experience, fast work, and quality of services in our field. 

What Format is the PK Domains Have? 

It is almost similar to other domain name extensions, where you can use a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 63 characters in length. However, you can also use numeric characters and dashes (in the middle only) to register your branded domain name. For how many years can I register the PK domains? The PK domains registration period is two years, regardless of whether you register or renew it with any domain registrar. In most cases, the PK domain name takes 24 to 72 hours. And is replicated on DNS servers around the world.


What are the Pros? Use the .PK Domain?

By registering their own.PK domains, users can enjoy many benefits, the main ones are listed below: attract local customers, increase customer loyalty, and make it easy for Pakistanis to remember; short names are also available. PK domains extension. PKNIC is responsible for managing .PK domains name space. Including running the DNS for the root servers .PK domains and registering and maintaining all. PK domains names. PKNIC acts as a self-sufficient organization. PKNIC was established in June 1992 to provide Internet addresses for the.PK top-level domains reserved for Pakistan.

Since then, he has managed and maintained the root servers for the PK domain. Our mission is to provide just, fair. And competent technical and administrative management of domain name registration to internet users in Pakistan. Run 24/7 DNS service for the root servers of the.PK domains. Eliminate any monopoly, bureaucratic or inefficient position, or dominance in managing PK domain registries. PKNIC prepaid cards use to register or renew ccTLD .pk domains. One card is enough to register a two-year country code top-level, second-level and third-level domain extension for Pakistan. Including .pk,, and .org. pk,,, .