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Ever thought of starting your own reseller hosting business? Tricasol has made it possible for you by bringing you the best Reseller SSD Hosting ever. What exactly Reseller Hosting is for? A hosting plan enables you to manage your own separate Web Hosting Management account. You are empowered with a WHM account through which you can resell web hosting as the name suggests. All of this made possible because of latest cPanel Reseller Hosting Panel. This Control Panel allows you to allocate dedicated environments under one managed account of Hosting. 

Users have the ability to host their web applications and website in their shared or VPS hosting account. All multiple hosting accounts are managed by you effortlessly from one portal which gives you access to root files and settings. You can get hosting packages modified easily from your cPanel. We may deliver you cheap Reseller hosting, but our quality can never be cheap. All accounts are fully secure against security breaches from the top firewall services. Data backups are regular, and the schedule can be personalized according to your desire. Full Server configurations live backups make your life easier by saving the current server configurations and help you to return to previous settings when you are in trouble.

Get Big Bucks by Opting for Our Reseller Hosting

For website developmentweb hosting is an integrated part. For this purpose, every business owner looks for a reliable web host for their website which is affordable and reliable like Tricasol. However, web hosting is a good business for earning bucks. If you have a business-related website development and you want to earn more revenue then you have to choose a reseller hosting plan.

By opting for our cheap reseller hosting, you will be able to establish your business alone. The logic behind this myth is that if you don’t have deep technical knowledge of command over support services you can start your hosting business at any cost. Many web hosting companies have a large size of bandwidth but in their comparison, middle-sector companies could not afford large bandwidth for their websites.

In such a situation, our reseller host plays the role of middleman between webmasters and web hosting companies. We purchase high bandwidth and distribute it to small, middle, or large enterprises’ webmasters that they demand according to their budget. As the best Reseller hosting provider, we encourage many businesses to buy our cheap reseller hosting with WHMCS that will help them to grow their businesses and increase the return on investment (ROI) that they expect. It is essential for you to choose the right web hosting for making your business successful. There are numerous ways to make your business profitable. However, you have to offer different packages of hosting to your clients at different prices.


Why is Our Reseller Hosting Beneficial ?

Following are the most prominent benefits of this Service

We serve our customers in a better way. Some potential customers demand to add web hosting to their existing services then we meet their all requirements. We offer our customers different types and sizes of packages of reseller hosting with white labels that allow them to acquire your brand name. In this hosting, many applications are pre installed such as Drupal and WordPress that our customers can enjoy. You can handle different resources such as RAM, disk space, and bandwidth with custom packages. We offer some additional features such as email accounts, cPanel, server monitoring, and scripts in your hosting plan.

Our reseller SSD hosting will keep your expenses low. The reason behind this is that the web owner will not need to buy a dedicated server. You will bear extra pennies if you buy a dedicated server plan.


Having a website and running it successfully is not an easier task. You think of developing a website on Monday and you will start earning on Friday. We believe that a person who is good in business and sells their products and services can make money easily by buying our this service.

We always put our customers’ needs first. If they want to make changes in their reseller hosting services then our team is available and fulfills their requirements. Feedback is mandatory for making changes to websites. For this, our customers need to assure us their websites have space in the control panel where their users can leave their suggestions and remarks.

Reseller Web Hosting

We apply these suggestions to improve our reseller hosting services. We know that in this digital era the digital market is too competitive due to hosting services . As the best reseller hosting provider, we run campaigns that attract more customers to your websites. If our customer faces any problem we try to fix it.

We warn our trusted customers, as we know a lot of companies available in the market who offer their services online and offline, you should know about their previous background. Because many scammers offer high prices reseller hosting services with less quality they will make your business revenue down. You have to choose one who has a good reputation in the market. Websites are the best way to advertise your business online. There is no chance of any scam. You can check the portfolio of any hosting company where you want to take your services. Tricasol services are available 24 hours a week. You can trust us blindly without any doubt.

Types of Packages That We Offer

Many of our business clients get confused about which type of hosting will be better for enhancing the traffic of their website. Many business persons have more than one website that’s why they are looking for the best packages. We know that reseller hosting is always worthwhile for a single website.

Thus, we assure our customers, our expert team is here to solve all the problems or confusion that they have in choosing the best reseller hosting. We offer two types of reseller hosting; Linux hosting & Window Hosting

Here are some details about the types of hosting that we offer to our potential Clients;

Linux Reseller hosting

Linux reseller hosting is one of the most effective hosting plans with different features, disk space, and bandwidth sizes. We offer this hosting because on a Linux server enumerable domains can easily be hosted. This hosting is very affordable and easily manageable. All across the globe, a large number of webmasters prefer to buy this hosting plan from us. This hosting plan is famous because of its speed. And also this hosting plan works well with My SQL and PHP scripts with extra rich features. This hosting is secured because of its dedicated facilities. It also uses different software such as Sendmail, APF, and Apache.

Linux Reseller hosting is based on some benefits such as;
  1. Some updated equipment such as routers and communicators are used as state-of-the-art technology.
  2. You can solve your technical problems by using this hosting.
  3. It is cost-effective hosting that everyone can afford easily.
  4. This is open-source software that you can install without any cost. 
  5. With Linux hosting, you can do alterations in your domain without learning your technicalities.

Window Reseller Hosting

Windows reseller hosting is more advantageous as compared to Linux hosting because of the multiple favorable factors that we offer to our customers;
  1. As a window reseller hosting provider we know that it keeps on track to multiple users on a single control panel.
  2. With SQL website and ASP.Net, you can also use MySQL and PHP-based control management Systems. 
  3. We offer this hosting because our clients can easily host excellent windows based applications.
  4. If you have your website then this hosting will allow you to use active server pages (ASP) scripts as well Microsoft applications. 
  5. You can use updated tools such as Active Sync technology, Windows Mobile, push and share point technology, and SQL server relational database management system (RDMS) for data analysis and data management. 
  6. We offer unlimited reseller hosting due to its speed,  Stronger security, and better stability.

Windows reseller hosting makes your business more exciting by using updated technologies. These latest technologies’ success attracts more online businesses. This is the better opportunity for Windows reseller hosting businesses when web hosting is titling with window web hosting. As the best reseller hosting provider, you will make your business more profitable because of its scalability, easier management, and ability to get in touch with updated technologies through which you can do alterations to your website.


Following are the most prominent benefits of Reseller Hosting:

How Tricasol Manages to be the best web reseller? What we offer as the SSD Reseller Hosting promises to become one of the top 10 reseller hosting rank. Why SSD Hosting is becoming one of the top-line product in the world of tech?

SSD are designed to meet high-end performances because of their technology free from mechanically moving parts just like any other SATA hard drive would perform. These SSD can perform upto 40X faster than the convectional hard drives and hence can deliver the requested data in a blink of an eye. Web Hosting is all based upon the fundamental phenomena of HTTP request and the server’s response. SSDs bring the response time to drastically low levels and bring an astonishgingly fast performcne. Tricasol offers all Reseller Hosting plans with Solid State Drives that will give you the thriving Reseller Hosting Business you have experienced ever.

Reseller Hosting

Frequent Asked Questions

Reseller Hosting empowers you to host several clients and provide them the opportunity to handle their own orders independently. You may become a web hosting provider with Reseller Hosting without having to run your own web server or datacenter. You may build your own custom hosting plans on our infrastructure, brand them, and sell them to your clients!

Profit with Reseller Hosting

The following are some reasons why a Web Hosting Reseller business is profitable:
1:Low expenses and costs
As a Hosting Reseller, you may purchase hosting services and packages in bulk at a significantly lower cost.
This is comparable to the notion of a wholesale firm, in which a small business owner purchases things in quantity at a discounted price rather than purchasing one or two products.
2:Room for expansion and growth
If your company has numerous websites that generate a lot of traffic, you may gain more space and more services by going with a Reseller Hosting company. You can, for example, operate numerous website components using different URLs and servers.
3: Develop your own brand identity
Reseller Hosting enables you to create one-of-a-kind hosting solutions for your clients while also assisting you in developing your company’s brand image and identity.
4:Excellent source of extra money
A Web Hosting Reseller company is an excellent way to generate additional passive income or profit without investing heavily in hardware and other infrastructure.
5:Improves your abilities and portfolio
Including web hosting services in your portfolio, as well as other services like web development or web design, can help you stand out from the crowd and improve your abilities as a hosting provider and company owner.

Shared Hosting VS Reseler Hosting

Shared hosting is intended for a single owner and includes a single cPanel. By adding domains to the “Addon Domains” area of cPanel, you may host an infinite number of domains on a shared account. On shared hosting plans, reselling is not permitted.

Reseller hosting is designed for a single owner who wants to resell hosting and effectively run their own hosting company. Depending on the reseller package you select, you can have between 10 and 250 different cPanel accounts. With a reseller account, you may configure each domain name to have its own cPanel.

The following are the (perhaps oversimplified) stages to starting a reseller business:

1) Find and choose a hosting business.

2) Purchase the reseller plan that best suits your company’s needs.

3) Understand and know your target market in order to get new consumers.

4) Design your own branded hosting plans.

5) Set your pricing.

6) Provide hosting packages to your customers.

7) Make a profit


WHMCS has all of the same features as WHM, but it offers more solutions for billing and customer management.

 So, if you just manage some cPanel accounts WHM will be enough, but if you need to make a professional reseller hosting business so you should go with WHMCS for its automated billing and management system as we explained above.

Prior to expanding your clientele, you should ensure that you can provide the finest possible web hosting experience to your own consumers. Tricasol provides the following reseller web hosting services :

  • cPanel is simple to use.
  • At least one website builder
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Individual nameservers
  • Personalized client panel
  • 24/7/365 flawless assistance
  • A guarantee of 99.999% uptime
  • Services that are completely handled