• All plans utilize Windows® Server 2012 R2

  • 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection
  • Flexible, easy-to-use control panel

  • 1-click install of 50+ free applications (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.)
  • 200MB MSSQL database storage

  • 1-click setup for Tricasol registered domains


Windows Hosting is a Microsoft technology, if your website is based on Microsoft platform such as ASP.NET or .NET, or you are interesting to run Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server or some other Microsoft stack product, you will need to select a Windows Hosting plan. It is much better if you are already well versed with Windows on desktop computers, so it is one of the simplest web hosting products to use, less complicated when it considers to adding features to enlarge your site. Because Windows Hosting is a Microsoft technology, which regularly gives updates to keep your web hosting safe and free of bugs. The Visual Basic or .NET programming languages are only available with Windows Hosting.

Windows Hosting fully supports when someone creates a new website. With Tricasol Windows Hosting, we offer you with all the facilities you require to show advance dynamic web content. A site is dynamic when it may do more than showing formal HTML content, so visitors may impress the website in an impressive way. Windows Hosting makes it simple to use the full bandwidth of applications of the .NET framework. With Tricasol website builder, you may develop fully user-friendly websites without any programming skills.


ASP.NET Hosting is a coding language and technology used on servers to develop websites. ASP.NET Hosting is a very popular, strong and perfect solution. It is a web application framework, which is designed to support the development of web applications such as web services, web resources, web APIs and much more. With the web technology, Microsoft provides all the functions which are required to bring server-based content and applications online with excellent performance. ASP.NET Hosting compatible with all of the most important web standards. ASP Hosting works with coding languages like PHP, Java and C# etc. It is an effective technology for creating customized dynamic sites and best performance of your project when working with other Windows applications. So, ASP.NET Hosting is a very powerful and reliable web hosting for Windows developers.


Tricasol offers the fastest and most reliable Windows Shared Hosting Plans. We are your best performance Windows Shared Hosting Provider. Each and everything from your site, databases, files and more all come hosted on our super-fast Windows Shared Hosting platform. At Tricasol, you get the latest versions of Windows Hosting development software and perpetual security. Our Windows Shared Hosting expert team put all the efforts for the best possible solution that may serve all of your business or personal web hosting requirements. You may browse via our hosting products to find the perfect solution. Whether you are using ASP or the .NET framework, our Windows Shared Hosting solutions are perfect. Besides this, there are so many benefits to Windows Shared Hosting at Tricasol.


If you are comparing Windows Hosting providers, Tricasol is the best due to the following reasons:

  • Tricasol provides top levels of Security.
  • We offer SiteLock & Wildcard SSL certificate which ensures that your information is secure and protected.
  • Tricasol offers DDoS security which identifies incoming attacks and safeguards your site.
  • Speed is very important for running the latest versions of Windows Server, ASP.NET & .NET Core which Tricasol gives.
  • HTTP/2 Protocol & Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • 24/7 support & monitoring, our expert customer service teams are available for your help.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • 1-click installation of number of free applications.
  • 1-click setup for domains registered with Tricasol.