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Windows Hosting is a Microsoft technology, if your website is based on Microsoft platform. Such as ASP.NET or .NET, or you are interesting to run Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server. Or some other Microsoft stack product, you will need to select a Windows Hosting plan. It is much better if you are already well versed with Windows on desktop computers. So it is one of the simplest web hosting products to use, less complicated when it considers to adding features to enlarge your site. Because Hosting is a Microsoft technology, which regularly gives updates to keep your web hosting safe and free of bugs. So, The Visual Basic or .NET programming languages are only available with  Hosting. Windows Hosting fully supports when someone creates a new website. But With Tricasol Hosting, we offer you with all the facilities you require to show advance dynamic web content. Because A site is dynamic when it may do more than showing formal HTML content, so visitors may impress the website in an impressive way. Windows Hosting makes it simple to use the full bandwidth of applications of the .NET framework. With Tricasol website builder, you may develop fully user-friendly websites without any programming skills.


ASP.NET Hosting is a coding language and technology used on servers to develop websites. The ASP.NET Hosting is a very popular, strong and perfect solution. It is a web application framework, which is designed to support the development of web applications such as web services, web resources, web APIs and much more. And With the web technology, Microsoft provides all the functions. Which are require to bring server-based content and applications online with excellent performance. So, the ASP.NET Windows  Hosting compatible with all of the most important web standards. ASP Hosting works with coding languages like PHP, Java and C# etc. Because it is an effective technology for creating customized dynamic sites and best performance of your project when working with other Windows applications. So, ASP.NET Hosting is a very powerful and reliable web hosting for Windows developers.


Tricasol offers the fastest and most reliable Windows Shared Hosting Plans. We Provide best performance Windows Shared Hosting .Also Each and everything from your site, databases, files and more all come hosted on our super-fast Windows Shared Hosting platform. Also At Tricasol, you get the latest versions of Hosting development software. And perpetual security. Our Windows Shared Hosting expert team put all the efforts for the best possible solution that may serve all of your business or personal web hosting requirements. You may browse via our hosting products to find the perfect solution. Whether you are using ASP or the .NET framework, our Windows Shared Hosting solutions are perfect. Besides this, there are so many benefits to Windows Shared Hosting at Tricasol.


If you are comparing Windows Hosting providers, Tricasol is the best due to the following reasons:

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Windows hosting is website hosting that runs on the Windows operating system. Because the most frequent web hosting plan options run on Linux, you can usually assume that if a web hosting business doesn’t define a plan as Windows hosting, it’s Linux hosting. Because a Windows server is the only hosting option for ASP.NET developers, it’s critical to find a plan that gives you the most bang for your dollars.
Windows Vs Linux Hosting
Linux and Windows are two different operating systems that can be used with a server. Linux is the most popular operating system for web servers and contains more of the functionality web designers expect. So, unless you have websites that require specific Windows apps, Linux is the best option. Although Windows is a popular operating system for web creation, it is not normally required for most average hosting users. In general, Windows hosting is intended solely for ASP.NET developers. So, in most circumstances, especially in shared hosting environments, the Linux operating system will suffice.
In general, Linux hosting refers to shared hosting, which is the industry’s most popular hosting option. In reality, because of its low cost and versatility, Linux hosting is now used by the majority of websites. PHP and MySQL are supported by Linux hosting, which allows for the use of software like as WordPress, Zen Cart, and phpBB.
Linux or Windows Hosting
So, what is the final word? Should you host your website on Linux or Windows? While the decision for many developers may be more challenging, here’s a brief guide to assist you decide. If you are not a programmer, you should probably go with Linux. The CPanel meets the majority of the requirements of those who manage e-commerce websites, blogs, or wikis. You can also use customising tools that don’t require a lot of knowledge. And if you ever require third-party assistance, you’ll be able to locate a contractor for less than the cost of running a Windows server. It gets a little more tricky if you’re a developer. For developers with a business experience, Windows makes more sense because it is what many corporations use for internal servers and you are presumably familiar with it. Running a server on MSSQL would be wonderful practise and a favourable feature on a CV for people who wish to work for a corporation. The same is true for developers who are already familiar with the ASP.NET stack or wish to learn more about it in preparation for future employment. if they have a hand in the country. if they have a hand in the country. if they have a hand in the country. The same is true for technologies such as MySQL, Apache, and NGINX. If you already know them or want to learn more about them, Linux is the way to go. You may need to learn about Linux and how to configure distros, but this is not required for having a successful hosting experience on a Linux machine. You could alternatively choose a standard construction.
Windows Web Hosting
Yes, we include shell access in our plans. Shell, often known as SSH, is a secure shell environment that is restricted to a single hosting account. Shell access is available with the unlimited and bronze packages, which are automatically configured. However, when it comes to root access, we presently do not provide it in a shared hosting environment. If you require root access, consider our VPS or cloud hosting platforms.
We offer client service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So you can be confident that your hosting accounts will be activated immediately. We activate your account immediately after you make a payment. In terms of domain registration, DNS propagation is required. It may take up to 48 hours, although in most situations it is completed within a few hours.