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In Shared Hosting we shared the resources of a server with many users i.e. a special allocation of resources. It is usually the cheapest form of Web Hosting because it’s the most cost effective and is the best option for bloggers. Many users will share the resources of a secured server for online visibility. But Tricasol provides cheap Shared Hosting services so you may find the exact Shared Hosting Price for your site requirements. In Shared Hosting WordPress may also be utilize which is the most common Content Management System (CMS). And In the beginning Shared Hosting is the best option so Tricasol is appropriate for almost all kinds of websites. Our Web Hosting assists you to keep the costs down. Tricasol best Web Hosting Company offers top quality Shared Hosting Services at affordable prices.

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Set Up Your Myriad Websites with Our Shared Hosting Services

In this digital era, there is no business that has no website for the promotion of its products and services. So, For a newbie, it is a complicated process to understand the different processes which are mandatory for the growth of the business. We are here to help our clients to assist in managing unlimited websites either for potential interest, for reselling, or for business purposes. Buying a domain relatively is easy, you have to consult with any ‘domainer’ in the market and you buy it and prefer the name that you desire.

For this purpose, we offer shared hosting where single server hardware can be used by unlimited users. Our shared web hosting is available in a custom price range that any client can afford in their budget. Tricasol never breaks the trust of its customers regarding the quality and cost of its shared hosting services.

As a Shared hosting provider, we offer this hosting mostly to individuals and small enterprises that have a low budget to maintain their online presence. The space of this hosting is available in the form of gigabits. An enterprise can host the majority of files if they own more bytes. We suggest our clients buy this hosting if they want more traffic and lead on their website. For getting a higher ranking on SERPs, you require more bandwidth with the majority of shared space.

Choose Our Best Shared Hosting for WordPress

As a hosting provider, we meet all requirements of our clients for WordPress. We offer MySQL 5.0 and PHP 5.2.4 or greater. Mostly, shared hosting or cloud hosting is used for managing WordPress hosting. But it is based on what sort of hosting you require for your website, how much traffic or engagement you are demanding, what sort of content you are publishing on your website, and which plan you need to maintain on your website. If our customers demand web hosting for small blogs, small personal online portfolios, or small business enterprises then we recommend shared web hosting.

Since we love providing you with the best, and you love high performance, Tricasol is providing all its hosting plans as SSD hosting. Our other SSD hosting services include SSD VPS Hosting, SSD Reseller hosting, SSD Dedicated hosting.

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Choose Our cheap Shared Hosting for Your Website

For recreational websites, free web hosting services are your best choice. But if you want to boost the credibility of your business, then we offer you the best WordPress shared hostingIf you are serious about your business data information or your customer information then we recommend dedicated web hosting . 

When you purchase our WordPress hosting, we offer some extra services to our customers so that they can upgrade their website or change the theme that they want. We also allow you to change your bandwidth according to the recent trend. Tricasol has a good reputation in the digital market as a hosting service provider. We know that quality hosting will increase your website ranking as well as ROI (return on investment).

However, you have to think before buying any hosting from scam hosting providers. They offer you high prices and sell you low-quality hosting. 

We make sure our customers by buying our shared hosting services will not regret losing their money. Choosing the right hosting or domain provider is a big challenge. By getting our services you will not have a chance of any complaints because of our support team members.


People are finding ways to get SSD hosting at best prices. So, we have installed SSDs on our shared web hosting servers, so you may have an advantage. Tricasol is providing this package as a managed hosting plan with all features of shared hosting including latest cPanel, CloudLinux OS, security modules, 99.9% uptime guarantee and all other features.

Since we love providing you with the best, and you love high performance, Tricasol is providing all its hosting plans as SSD hosting. Our other SSD hosting services include SSD VPS Hosting, SSD Reseller hosting, SSD Dedicated hosting.

C panel For Web Hosting

We also offer Cpanel hosting to our customers. It could work on a virtual server that can be a dedicated or private dedicated server. Applications that are used on cPanel are MySQL, Postgres, Apache, PHP, Perl, and BIND. Cpanel allows our customers to manage multiple things on their intranets, and websites, or keep their properties secure from any hacking.

 Here are some benefits that you can take by using CPanel for web hosting:

Website Publication:

We offer a C panel for web hosting because it allows customers to choose any website from large website developers who will launch your website on the internet or provide you the right to monitor your website running smoothly. It also allows you to use some extra resources to make your website perfect.

Calendar and Email Creation:

We give you the right to our customers to stay connected with calendars and emails with the help of Cpanel. With this software, you can create shared calendars and launch new email accounts. In this way, you can protect your accounts from various levels of spam. 

 Here are some benefits that you can take by using CPanel for web hosting:

Manage Files & Backup & Transfer

Within the interface of Cpanel, you can use FTP controls as well as get your backup data and secure it in your system.   Here are some benefits that you can take by using CPanel for web hosting:

Domains Management

We offer tech-savvy sites to our customers that give power to our customers they can manage with a different network of domains such as removing or adding subdomains, Creating aliases, managing DNS zones, and monitoring the traffic of visitors around your website or its properties.   Here are some benefits that you can take by using CPanel for web hosting:



Avail a free domain on all new hosting packages. Gain your own internet identity you always inspired of ..


HDD were the technology of past. Our all new Solid State drives for storage literally makes your website work like a flash.


Tricasol is your one-stop solution for all hosting addons. Install your favourite web application on a single click.


We realise the importance of your website uptime. So we guarantee a realistic uptime of 99.9% throughout your subscription.


Our shared hosting comes with latest Control panel version; cPanel on Linux and Plesk for Windows, allowing you to explore what is latest.


Daily backup with EasyHost ensures your web space against data loss or any other website backup issues.


Our dedicated team is standing there for you to support in migrating procedures. A warm welcome always.


SSL encryptions is must for your business and customer’s security. We acquire reputed SSl certificates for an https secure website.

24/7/365 SUPPORT

Support that’s always inside your pocket everytime. Our team stays alert 24/7 to help you out from complicated technical problems.

Why Do People Desire to Use Our Shared Hosting?

Here are the reasons our potential customers demand to buy from us our best-shared hosting;

Our priority is to fulfill our customer’s needs. Therefore, we offer economical and reasonable rates for shared hosting to our clients, especially small entities. If they have different websites or working networks then they can manage them easily by buying our cheap shared hosting. It is all of the customers’ nature to buy products at reasonable prices that will give them unlimited advantages like shared web hosting.

As the shared hosting name shows that you can share space on a single server. So, website navigation speed is based on server space that is assigned to the website and also allocated with the site bandwidth.
We offer our shared hosting with Cpanel and other additional requirements that our customers demand. We do not charge any extra amount to them if they cannot afford it. Some of our business clients allow our team members to manage their website content that is stored on a web server. In this way, they feel they are their boss and can present their website online that they demand.

As a cheap hosting provider, we offer free technical support to all our clients. If our customers face any issue in their website functions such as broken links then we are available 24/7 for helping our customers without any cost.

Cheap shared hosting is the best choice for those businesses who want to promote their business services and products at a lower price in digital places as well as if they want to enter the cyber world for the first time. 

We offer our newbie clients for Google pay-per-click network free advertising Ad Words Coupon. We provide this offer only for new account activation account holders. This offer will not work for those who already have an account. We make sure to our clients that this offer only works for those who have a new account and new card that is not for earlier used Ad words services. 

To win our customers’ trust from the heart, we give them some days to try our services without losing their money. Before purchasing our web hosting you should clearly read all policies that our company demands from our customers. 

Frequent Asked Questions

Will answer you about your possible questions

Shared Hosting

Shared web hosting services are one of the most popular forms of web hosting, owing to its low cost. The plan holder has access to a small portion of a web server that is shared by hundreds of other websites. These powerful web servers are partitioned and assigned to web hosting clients. You have a certain quantity of server resources as a shared web hosting plan holder. If you need to exceed these limits, resources are drawn from other partitions on the network to meet your demands. Although this method reduces speed and page loading times, it allows you to have limitless plan benefits such as bandwidth and storage space.

Shared hosting is a distinct sort of web hosting that is often less expensive than any other type of web hosting service. Many webmasters gain their first experience with web hosting by acquiring and utilising a shared web hosting package. Shared hosting is a sort of hosting setup in which a single web server powers hundreds of websites owned by several webmasters, thus the phrase “shared” hosting.


Because of its steep learning curve, shared hosting is ideal for new site owners and users with little to no technological knowledge. It is also best suited for small to medium-sized websites, such as portfolios, small businesses, and blogs.



cPanel is a popular control panel that allows you to administer your web hosting server using a user-friendly web interface. It’s notably common across shared hosts, since it’s the mandated option offered by the majority of affordable hosting companies.

You would require technical skills to administer your websites/server without cPanel. However, with cPanel, you can make adjustments using a graphical interface — no technical experience is necessary.


A web hosting service is a form of Web hosting service that hosts websites for customers, i.e. it provides the resources needed for them to develop and manage a website and makes it available on the World Wide Web.
Shared hosting is a form of Web hosting in which the service provider serves pages from a single Web server for several Web sites, each with its own Internet domain name. Although shared hosting is a less expensive alternative for businesses to establish a Web presence, it is frequently insufficient for high-traffic websites.


Shared Hosting Plans

A web hosting server is a computer that stores people’s webpages. It’s much like your house where you keep things; all you need to do is a quick appraisal of your needs:

  • Determine how much support you require.
  • Estimate the amount of traffic your website will have and become familiar with the various server options.
  • Choose a content management system and a server based on your needs.


Domain Registration

A domain is your website’s address; before you can create a website, you must first get a domain name for your company.

  • You must first register a domain name in order to acquire one.
    The domain name isn’t something you can see or touch; it’s simply a series of letters and numbers that gives your website a unique identity. It is always one-of-a-kind.
  • It implies that if the domain “” is already in use, you cannot obtain it.


If you are seeking for a new web hosting business before gaining better speed, uptime, and scalability without data loss, Tricasol offer free data transfer and backups.

Simply place your order, contact our 24/7 support, and we’ll move your site to us with the greatest hosting features.


Best Web Hosting Provider

Check all of the following aspects while selecting web hosting service providers:

  • Broadest possible bandwidth
  • SSL certificate with 99% uptime guarantee
  • Unbreakable security measures
  • Customer service is available 24/7.
  • Ongoing backup
  • Hosting for free trials


Multiple users/websites/accounts can be hosted on a single web server with shared hosting. Dedicated hosting, on the other hand, is a single server that is exclusively dedicated to one user.
In a nutshell, the difference between a Shared and a Dedicated hosting server is equivalent to the difference between an apartment in a building and a cottage house. Both are suitable for living. However, there are certain benefits and drawbacks to selecting one over the other.