Most of our customers come to us with a personalized demand and need a web application or website which is tailored to their brand. This usually involves custom design; a website with their brand colors, and custom functionalities; an application with functions particular to a business. These tasks are often taken care of as they can deliver an impressive user experience and bring efficiency to a business system. For instance, an enterprise resource management system involves a good amount of skills of a web developer so that he has certainly gained a good understanding of the working principle of the business. A custom website when developed with perfect script truly stands-off from others in the performance. From page loading time to the pixel perfect layout, everything is simply incredible. With just the cost of your favorite developer’s cup of coffee, you can manage a custom developed website.

Custom App Development

Custom applications can give a company a powerful competitive advantage. But designing specialized software internally can be time intensive and costly.

Custom software design and development comprises the cornerstone of Tricasol, a domain in which the company has carved out a successful niche for itself. Tricasol provides complete software implementation process, starting with software design and development, software quality assurance testing, software deployment, up to further software upgrades and enhancements. The core software design and development services provided by Tricasol include, but are not limited to, web and desktop application development, high-end client-server application development, enterprise application development and building end-to-end enterprise application integration (EAI) solutions, re-engineering, software systems maintenance and support. The company’s custom software development services span the entire software development lifecycle; from requirements definition, design and application development, to testing, maintenance and support.

Top 5 Advantages of Custom Software Development

General software is made keeping the overall preferences and requirements of that category. But enterprises and businesses require unique solutions to solve problems specific to their organization or work. This is the reason why custom software development is so popular among companies. Custom software development involves creating software which will serve as a tailor-made solution to the needs of that organization effectively.

1. Personalized solution

When you buy off-the-shelf software, it is never sure if they are going to work for your enterprise. Developing a software categorically for your company assures that the solution will be foolproof.

2. Cost effective

Developing a custom software may be expensive at times, but they prove beneficial in the long run. Custom software does not require constant change or development to suit company requirements. They can be used without any investment for a long time.

3. Secure

Sofwares which get hacked commonly are the popular ones in the market. Hackers and attackers are already aware of the vulnerabilities of such software and know where to compromise. A custom developed software is only used by your team and chances of intrusion are minimized.

4. Flexible

Custom software can be scaled according to the changing needs of the company. An off-the-shelf application cannot be manipulated at will and remains constant in its offerings. It either becomes too costly or unsuitable to keep using them.

5. Compatible

An organization uses much software for its operation. Custom building software takes those into account and develops it to be compatible with other company tools. General software commonly causes integration issues which are not there in custom developed software.