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Support that’s always inside your pocket everytime. Our team stays alert 24/7 to help you out from complicated technical problems.


Our dedicated team is standing there for you to support in migrating procedures. A warm welcome always.



Your VPS server is equipped with super-fast SSDs on high speed network that gives your content downloaded within no time.


Our support team is dedicated to keep you safe from all traps. To keep your SSD VPS hosting server trouble-free we regularly maintain live backups and on-request operations.


Our dedicated team is standing there for you to support in migrating procedures. A warm welcome always.


Get your business safe from all the bad-cyber-lads. Setup your favorite firewall and designate your own rules.


Push your server resources to next level whenever your requirements increase. There are no limits towards reaching peak. Scalable SSD VPS servers at your door-step.


Your control panel allows you to perform all desired operations including backups, DNS controls, root access, console access and much more.

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and VPS Hosting is a website hosting environment which allows for resources like RAM and CPU to be dedicated to your account. A VPS server is a better choice when you are searching for control and flexibility around your site. It is similar to having your own Dedicated Server, however it is virtual i.e. achieved by virtualizing a Dedicated Server and splitting the resources amongst the users on that server. 

A VPS will have a slice of the total resources on a hardware node and is popular because of the affordability of gaining access to more resources and control of your own server without the full costs of dedicated. So, VPS Hosting is a dedicated control and functionality in a scalable hosting environment.


Accentuate our Business Goodwill by Using Our VPS Hosting

For small, medium, and large enterprises, our VPS hosting is a common choice. To register a business online presence, this is one of the most reliable, cheap, fast, and more secure hosting solutions that we offer to our customers. The majority of web developers prefer to buy  this hosting from us due to its flexibility, performance, and security.

VPS hosting gives a tangible plethora of benefits to your ecommerce websites. Here are a few benefits that we will discuss with you;

  1. With this hosting, you’ll get access very high level of storage and bandwidth
  2. As your website grows and your traffic enhances day by day then you need a support system that will maintain your website’s growth levels. In such a case, a cheap VPS hosting plan is the best choice for maintaining our customer’s highly speedy website.  
  3. We offer cheap VPS hosting to our customers that gives them customization and greater server control. 
  4. Tricasol VPS hosting is a value-money product for which you pay less and get more in terms of management, security, and features. 
  5. With our VPS server, every day your server backup will be taken, however, you will not lose your data. 
  6. You can isolate your website from other websites that will not affect your own website. 
  7. Additionally, for resolving any potential issue, VPS software and hardware are monitored by highly adept experts
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Managed Vps Hosting

Why do You Prefer to Buy Our VPS Hosting Packages?

Tricasol potential customers prefer to buy a VPS online due to its flexibility and our cheap rates as compared to other competitors. As every business owner demands high ranking on their websites, therefore, they prefer to buy the best VPS hosting for DDoS. If you want full root access to your website this hosting will work effectively on it.
Here are a few reasons and features why our potential customers prefer to buy this best managed VPS hosting.
  1. It’s available at a custom range price that they can choose according to their will.
  2. They get full root access due to having dedicated resources on the server that they can use as they want.
  3. You can use Linux VPS or Windows VPS. Most customers prefer Windows VPS hosting because of its popularity. Due to the GUI interface, it is user friendly.
  4. The major reason behind its likeness to potential customers is its inexpensiveness.
  5. It has significant firewall features that will secure your website in any way.
  6. If your account faces any unfavorable events, your neighbor server will not be affected due to window VPS hosting.
  7. We make sure that to our customers your resources or data would never be shared in space, memory, or processing time.

What is the Connection between VPS Hosting and WordPress?

If you hear about two phrases WordPress and VPS and you think what’s that and how does it work? We tell you it’s a perfect combination for upgrading the new level of any website due to its multiple reasons but one thing is the same in VPS hosting and WordPress is its reliability. In reality, WordPress is a powerful tool that uses different resources to make your personal blogs brighter.. We recommend VPS hosting and WordPress both at the same time due to its diverse features for designing a website.

This is a really good point, if our customers need more reliable hosting servers; we offer higher quality hosting in a reasonable package with WordPress development services. WordPress is a sensitive tool because it manages with high traffic as well control overload of traffic on your website. This is the main connection between VPS and WordPress hosting.

Types of VPS for WordPress

Here are the different types of VPS hosting that we offer to our customers:
  1. Managed vs Unmanaged VPS Hosting
  2. Standard vs Cloud VPS Hosting

Managed VPS Hosting vs. Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Tricasol offers both managed vps hosting and unmanaged vps hosting to their customers which they demand either it is managed or unmanaged VPS hosting. If we talk about unmanaged VPS hosting, if you purchase it you will be the boss of your website. You can control your website by yourself. You can install or run any software that you want. If you feel uncomfortable using Unmanaged VPS hosting then managed-to-host will be your choice. Managed VPS services include monitoring, repairing, and maintenance at the custom price that we offer to our customers.

Standard vs. Cloud VPS hosting

Standard VPS hosting puts your website in only one system with backups. On the other hand, cloud hosting is used on unlimited servers. Often, we offer cloud VPS hosting because it will show online your website presence immediately in case your hardware fails. Standard VPS hosting offers only a CPU and a certain amount of RAM. But, with the use of this hosting, you will suffer a lot if your website is going busy at an extreme level. Thus, we recommend Cloud VPS hosting to our customers because it could assign dynamic resources that your web servers demand them.

How can you choose a New VPS Host?

Some new business persons who recently started their business on the internet, don’t have an idea how they could use the new VPS host. One thing keeps in your mind, it all depends on the amount of traffic that you desire for your website. When you go to buy VPS hosting you not only need to check the price but also some other criteria such as; CPU, RAM, Disc Space & Bandwidth, Server Software, and quality of support.
CPU: Before purchasing VPS Hosting services from us, you have to check your system CPU that should be the same as the CPU of your laptop or computer. Mostly, we suggest more than 1GB CPU for more speed to our clients.
RAM: We offer a VPS server with Ram values just as selling computers in a computer store. We suggest 500 RAM for a WordPress website that does not get more than 500 visitors in a day.
Dics Space and Bindwidth: As a VPS service provider, we offer disc space & bandwidth to our customers. We calculate the bandwidth of our customer website by using this formula; Average Page Size x Average Page Views x Average Daily Visitors.
Server Software: For maintaining our customer websites, we offer Cpanel and Plesk.

Why do You Need to Choose Us?

It is noticed that due to a lack of awareness the majority of businesses have failed to choose the right plan. We recommend that before signing the dotted line you have to do proper research before buying any VPS hosting.

Nowadays, people want to generate high revenue through online markets, and that’s why they start and create their own channels or websites. Without any sort of doubt, ecommerce websites generate high traffic to serve their customers. For this, it is significant you should have proper knowledge regarding sources that will support your business. Therefore, businesses take help from our VPS  hosting service providers. Because we know what our customers demand from us.
Thus, for e-commerce portals, VPS hosting is one of the best-suited options. It’s a great way for attracting customers to your website, enhancing traffic, and building goodwill for your business brand.

Frequent Asked Questions

Will answer you about your possible questions

A VPS is an expression for Virtual Private Server. It is a private server that is just for your use and may be configured with any operating system of your choosing. A VPS service gives you a set number of resources that are exclusively yours (and not shared with anyone else). When compared to shared hosting, a VPS provides more resources and freedom.

Managed VPS Hosting, as the name indicates, is a managed service in which you do not need to bother about server management. In Managed VPS Hosting, your service provider handles server maintenance such as core upgrades, software installation, backup, security, and more. As a result, as a business owner, you don’t have to worry about server administration and can focus your time and attention on growing your company.

Managed VS Unmanaged Vps 

On a managed VPS server, all software required to host websites, emails, and databases is already installed, set, and adjusted. On an unmanaged server, you must install and configure the server software. Our system administrators handle all security and performance updates on a managed VPS server. On an unmanaged VPS server, you must monitor for updates and install them yourself. 


Your managed server is isolated from other servers that you may alter as needed, and you have full root access to do so.
Because the server is maintained by the service provider, you don’t have to bother about server management and can focus your time and attention on growing your business.
When you configure your server, server resources such as the operating system, RAM, and CPU are allocated immediately. Furthermore, if your traffic grows, you can quickly scale out these resources based on your demands.
You do not need to hire an external technical administrator to manage your website if your web hosting business manages the infrastructure.
The hard disc utilised by your server determines its performance. There are two types of drives: SSD and HDD. As a result, most businesses these days prefer SSD-based VPS Hosting since the performance is superior to HDD.
The most critical consideration is website security. While all websites share the same physical space with managed virtual server hosting, the IP addresses are unique to each server owing to the isolation characteristic of Dedicated Hosting.

Yes, VPS hosting may be compromised. Indeed, many cybercriminals see VPS hosting as one of the most susceptible types of servers. This is due to the fact that VPS hosting often employs less secure technology, such as shared hosting, making it simpler for hackers to obtain access to the server.

RAM Requirement for VPS

If you want to run numerous apps on the same server, start by adding up the recommended RAM for each of your applications. Then make some additional area for yourself so you have some wriggle room.

Don’t worry if your estimates were incorrect; most cloud hosting companies allow you to upgrade without having to start from scratch. In most circumstances, adding RAM is a simple matter, and with Tricasol, you can update your server with no downtime. Upgrade to a higher plan to get extra RAM, processors, and storage space.

If money is scarce for upgrades, consider optimising your server by shutting down unnecessary services or switching to alternatives that take less RAM.

Tricasol provides the most RAM for the money in the cloud hosting business. Get up to 85% less RAM than DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS Lightsail, and other providers.

We believe in working in the best interests of our customers. As a result, we make an effort to provide more while charging less! If you require a one-of-a-kind hosting arrangement with massive resource allocations, don’t wait another second and sign up for our cloud server hosting. We provide you with up to six vCPUs so that you may multitask effectively. Aside from that, we provide you with ample hard drive storage based on your requirements. We understand that trying to accommodate everyone’s wants into one shoe is pointless. As a result, we guarantee to provide you with the maximum hard drive space based on your requirements. Other advantages we have over others are unmetered bandwidth and large RAM storage.