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Amazon Account Management

We will manage your entire amazon account from listing and store optimisation all the way through to advertising. Get your account handled by experts and start growing

We offer a comprehensive range of managed services tailored for Amazon Sellers and Vendors that transform your Amazon sales.

From initial strategic planning through to keyword research and content optimisation. As well as full support and implementation of product promotions via paid and organic search, we can help. Arthia are experts at converting shoppers into customers and building sales in a measured. Predictable and manageable fashion in line with your business objectives.


Amazon Advertising

As marketplaces become more crowded and competition becomes more fierce, it may become necessary to drive sales using Amazon’s paid advertising models, both Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and display through Demand-side Platform (DSP). We set up and manage Amazon PPC and DSP campaigns for your products to drive your rate of sale and improve your organic rankings KPIs and transparent reporting.

We will setup, Optimize and manage your amazon PPC campaign, Amazon Advertising

If you looking to boost your Amazon sales with Amazon PPC but don’t know where to start ? Are you launching a new product you need to promote? or are you looking to bring costs down and start turning big profits ?

PPC Campaign Setup & Optimization is not very simple, you can waste your budget over Wrong Match Type & Irrelevant Keywords. The True Strategy of Winning PPC Campaigns is to show Amazon Algorithm that how relevant your product is to that specific keyword whom you want to target.

Amazon Marketplace Solutions

Seller Insights

Track the things impacting your business most. With 24/7, always-on monitoring, you’ll get the lowdown and updates you need to make the right decisions at the right time. See where you stand, where you’ve been, and how you can improve to level up your Amazon business.

Sales Visualization

Use geographic sales data to optimize your operations. View, search and filter through 18 months of your Amazon sales data in one map, plotted geographically down to the zip code.

Cost Impact Analyzer

See exactly how much selling on Amazon is costing you. Get a full breakdown of your FBA storage, shipping and fulfillment fees to identify discrepancies and optimize your logistics for greater savings and reimbursements.


FBA Audit & Recovery

Secure money you’re owed from Amazon Business. Our software audits your Amazon data daily and identifies money owed to you for operational errors in the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) program.


Amazon Store

I will design amazon storefront and create a premium amazon brand store EBC

A professionally designed Storefront creates a powerful brand image and helps to increase product sales and online shopping experience among the customers.

Get a leg up against your competition by having a premium amazon brand store, showcase your products, and make it easier for shoppers to purchase from you.

Tricasol put your business on the forefront and make sure customers are seeing your brand the way you want them to.

For better sales, an eye-catching storefront is essential for the following reasons:
  1. Storefront raises brand recognition and fosters client confidence.
  2. A brand store may assist you in putting all of your products in one location and provide your clients with the best shopping experience.
  3. Storefront raises brand recognition and encourages client confidence.
Our Services includes:
  • For your brand store, we will design the storefront and submit it for approval.
  • Develop pages and categories.
  • An attractive look to your current storefront.
  • Add logo.
  • A plus EBC for your seller account.