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Intel 2x L5420 2.5 GHz 8(8) 16 GB 2000GB HDD 5 (/29) 1 Gbps 33 TB $96 ORDER NOW
Intel i7-2600K 3.4 GHz 4(8) 8 GB 1000GB HDD 5 (/29) 1 Gbps 33 TB $106 ORDER NOW
AMD FX-8320E 3.2 GHz 8(8) 8 GB 2000GB HDD 5 (/29) 1 Gbps 33 TB $113 ORDER NOW
Intel i3-4370 3.8 GHz 2(4) 16 GB 500GB SSD 5 (/29) 1 Gbps 33 TB $118 ORDER NOW
AMD FX-8120 3.1 GHz 8(8) 16 GB 500GB SSD 5 (/29) 1 Gbps 33 TB $130 ORDER NOW
Intel i3-4370 3.8 GHz 2(4) 4 GB 2x 2000GB HDD 5 (/29) 1 Gbps 33 TB $130 ORDER NOW
Intel 2x L5630 2.13 GHz 8(16) 24 GB 240GB SSD 5 (/29) 1 Gbps 33 TB $132 ORDER NOW
Intel 2x L5630 2.13 GHz 8(16) 24 GB 1000GB HDD 5 (/29) 1 Gbps 33 TB $132 ORDER NOW
Intel 2x E5530 2.4 GHz 8(16) 24 GB 1000GB HDD 5 (/29) 1 Gbps 33 TB $139 ORDER NOW
AMD FX-8320 3.5 GHz 8(8) 16 GB 500GB SSD 5 (/29) 1 Gbps 33 TB $142 ORDER NOW
Intel 2x E5645 2.4 GHz 12(24) 24 GB 2x 500GB HDD 5 (/29) 1 Gbps 33 TB $144 ORDER NOW
Intel 2x E5645 2.4 GHz 12(24) 48 GB 500GB SSD 5 (/29) 1 Gbps 33 TB $180 ORDER NOW
AMD 2x 4284 3 GHz 16(16) 32 GB 2x 2000GB HDD 5 (/29) 1 Gbps 33 TB $204 ORDER NOW


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People go for a dedicated hosting plan when they realize the need for something which can be fully customized to there needs and can be altered for resources according to needs. This flexibility makes the dedicated server a useful feature for most corporate and business sectors with amplitude web traffic and complex web applications which require physical as well as root software modifications to the server just like installing varnish cache on it which makes your dedicated server run up to 100 times faster than ordinary VPS or shared server. Such demanding resources can only be fulfilled by a dedicated server.


Dedicated Server Hosting is a web hosting in which you are letting a physical server dedicated to your site only and it provides the highest level of resource allocation, control and privacy etc. Dedicated Server Hosting offers you with the speed your site require. A Dedicated Server is much faster than shared hosting because it is completely isolated from one another and you are not sharing resources such as storage or bandwidth with other sites so, users get full access to configure their server anyway. If you want to complete control, flexibility and security, you need Dedicated Server Hosting because there is no bandwidth issues, configuration limits, or shared IP addresses.


There are two most prominent kinds of Dedicated Server Tricasol Offers:

  • Complete Control – With Dedicated Server Hosting you have complete control over how your server is configured and you may configure your server to match your specific requirements and get full access to each & every aspect of your website
  • Privacy – Privacy is a major concern for your website. Dedicated Server Hosting provides the highest level of privacy because you have a unique IP and it is important for every website.
  • Guaranteed Resources – Page loading times may have significant impact on your website and a Dedicated Server may help you to optimize this aspect of your site. Opting for a Dedicated Server will guarantee you have the bandwidth or storage you need to enhance your page loading times i.e. those resources are serving exclusively toward keeping your website up & running. Most Dedicated Hosting Plans include a lot more storage space with up to 2TB of disk space.
  • Improved Speed & Performance – Your site speed and performance is very important for the enhancement of your business and Return on Investment (ROI). So, high traffic websites need Dedicated Server Hosting because you don’t share server resources with other users, your website will be super-fast.


There are many benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting. Following are the major benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting:

  • Managed Dedicated Server
  • Unmanaged Dedicated Server


Managed Dedicated Server is the best solution because you will get complete access to the cPanel with the power & resources of a Dedicated Server and in this way you may easily manage your site, files, databases, email and much more.  Tricasol Managed Dedicated Server providing you with a 100% hassle-free hosting management with Linux or Windows operating systems. Tricasol Managed Dedicated Server includes: Standard DDoS Protection, CloudFlare CDN, Backup Drive, Server Secure Advanced Security, Plesk or cPanel Available, Root Access, Dedicated IP Address, Business-grade SSD Storage and much more.


Unmanaged Dedicated Server is Ultra-Reliable and Developer Friendly. It has custom solution as well very high performance. It is designed for more experienced users who are comfortable managing their websites with command line. Unmanaged Dedicated Server has an operating system, connectivity and hardware stability. You may design your perfect server with the resources you intend. Tricasol will give you full control and you get root access so you are able to access and edit all of your server’s files. Tricasol provides 24/7/365 ticket, chat and expert support, as well server includes the latest security patches and network 99.9%.


Your SSD dedicated server comes equipped with Solid State Drives you can explore the full potential of a dedicated hosting. Often hard drives become a limiting factor to the performance of servers. And these performance obstructions can only be overcome by an upgrade. We brought up this option of an upgrade on our dedicated hosting plans because we don’t want to limit the opportunities that can make your business excel. A truly inspiring technology which boosts performance up to 10X than conventional SATA hard drives. A fast responding cache can bring the website loading time in milliseconds; which is a good sign to your customers. A soft hint for our competitors to the secret why we are running the best dedicated server hosting.

Do you really love to see your performance graphs scale up? Try upgrading conventional web hosting plans to our SSD VPS hosting and SSD Shared Hosting service. Tricasol commits to surprise you which would compel you to really think whether you really run on a shared hosting plan. Even our Shared hosting with SSDs deliver a performance which contests with VPS servers of our competitors and gives them a tough time when it comes to speed. Then why you are waiting to discover the amazing new experience of SSD Hosting. Order for your hosting plan now.


Companies do provide with managed dedicated server web hosting with plenty of features. But in return, they may charge you unrealistically. You may be on a chance to stay better-off somewhere else. Tricasol does care in this aspect for their customers; not to overcharge and provide them an affordable hosting so we can remain together for a lifetime. Our dedicated server pricing is amazingly the best price you can get in the market for this much big bundle of features. We bet you would recommend Tricasol to your colleagues and friends as the best and amongst top 10 dedicated server hosting.


Tricasol provides Best Dedicated Hosting Services. We have a team of Dedicated Server support specialists. We will assist you from the very beginning. Tricasol Best Dedicated Hosting Services consist all of the major resources you need for evergreen success i.e. security is our top priority, high levels of traffic, lightning fast page load times, custom programming options and abundant resources. Our Best Dedicated Hosting Services offer maximum performance such as SSD hard drive DDoS protection and an IP based firewall which keep your server safe and performing optimally. Tricasol Best Dedicated Hosting Services provides world-class expert support via telephone and live chat. We have advanced management and for any support issues, our expert team is available to help you, 24/7/365. Please contact Tricasol for Dedicated Server Hosting.