PKNIC Prepaid Card

In the case of a Pakistani domain, registering the .pk domain can be daunting, particularly concerning payment methods. However, with the benefit of the PKNIC Prepaid Card and the ease of registering domains, it’s simple. In this article, we’ll look at the advantages of using the PKNIC Prepaid Card to pay for domain registration, the registration procedure, and its advantages over other payment options.

What is a PKNIC Prepaid Card?

PKNIC Prepaid Cards is a prepay payment service offered by Tricasol, the registry of .pk domains. The cards are accessible and available at authorized retailers and resellers throughout Pakistan. Each card is equipped with a unique PIN code, which can be used online to pay for domain registrations and other services provided by Tricasol.

Benefits of Using PKNIC Prepaid Card for Domain Registration

Using PKNIC’s Card to pay for domain registrations is an intelligent choice. Card to purchase domain registrations provides several advantages, which include:

The ease of use: The PKNIC Prepaid Card is easily accessible and readily available to purchase from many sources.

Security: Your prepaid card provides security and secure payment processing, making fraud impossible.

Instant activation of domains registered together with the PKNIC Prepaid card will activate immediately.

Simple payment: A prepaid card eliminates the need for complex payment options and allows anyone to register with the domain.

Wide Recognition: The PKNIC Prepaid Card is widely accepted by domain registrars and Web hosting firms in Pakistan.

How to Register Your Domain Using PKNIC Prepaid Card

Registration of the domain together PKNIC Prepaid Card is easy. The following steps will benefit you:

  1. Buy a PKNIC Prepaid Card through an authorized retailer or reseller.
  2. Visit the Tricasol website and choose the domain registration.
  3. Enter your domain’s name and select the registration time.
  4. Select PKNIC Prepaid Card to pay with your preferred payment method.
  5. Input the details of your prepaid card and the pin code.6. Pay your bill, then follow the sign-up process.

Benefits of PKNIC Prepaid Card over other payment methods

PKNIC Prepaid Card offers several advantages over other payment options, such as:

  1. There is no reason to make use of Prepaid or debit cards.
  2. There is no chance of fraud or online theft.
  3. An overwhelming acceptance among companies that host websites and domain registrar firms
  4. Simple to buy and use
  5. Instant activation of domains

Common Issues and Solutions: The domain registration process is with PKNIC Prepaid Card.

If you sign up for your website with a PKNIC Prepaid card, you could encounter issues. Here are some typical problems and solutions:

Issue: The card isn’t being recognized by the registry of domain names

Solution: Determine whether the domain registry accepts the PKNIC Prepaid Cards or how you can contact the company for assistance with customer support.

Issue: PIN code is not working

Solution: Check to see if your personal ID number is genuine. If it’s not, contact an authorized reseller or retailer.


In the end, PKNIC Prepaid Card has simplified the process of registering domains for Pakistanis. Its safety, convenience, and user-friendly interface are the reasons it’s the current most popular option for paying to register domain names. By following the steps outlined in the following article, you’ll be able to swiftly create your .pk domain using PKNIC Prepaid Card. Why put off? Check for your Prepaid card in hand today to make registration easier to get your domain!