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Domain Registration in Pakistan

You are at right place if you are looking for domain registration in Pakistan. Tricasol is offering the latest TLDs like .com, .net, .org, .info, .us, .biz, .co, at the industry's lowest prices since 2002. You can get many other value added services like domain privacy, name servers changing, ownership transfer, and even domain transfer out at no extra cost along with domain registration here at Tricasol. We are offering cheap rates for .com domain registration in Pakistan at international level as well. We are not limited to famous TLDs only but at same time we are offering famous countries domains like .AE (Arab Emirates), .CA (Canada), .PK (Pakistan), .ES (Spain), and many more.

Domain Ownership

We strongly believe that domain comes under client's ownership. Client can migrate his/her domain anytime to any company and even our team can assist you for migration if required. Similarly our team can guide you if there is anyone want to migrate his/her domain towards.

Domain Privacy

Tricasol offering domain privacy at FOC basis. Any customer can generate domain privacy request and that must fulfill timely. Keep your personal information hidden service of domain privacy which is never been offerred free of cost at any other web hosting company in Pakistan.

Domain Renewal Automation

Our clients can pay us in advance and our accounts team will load that credit into client's profile. Clients just need to pay relevent invoice from within their client area and their domains will renew for next year automatically. Details of payment methods are listed here.

Domain Security

Each of our client's domains will be locked by default which means domain can not be transfer out to any other domain registrar. However clients can unlock their domains from within their client area. Domain lock is the best way to keep secure your domain name.

Free Domain Name

Tricasol offers free domain registration with .com, .net, .org at purchase of each hosting package. That domain would never cost you even if you willl keep renewing your web hosting package for multiple years. complete rights of domain likewise you own a paid domain.


Here at Tricasol we believe that customer support is the key of every success. We are focused to deliver our best with maximum automation. However we are at your disposal if there is any question you may have. Just put that query to us and we will be pleased to answer.

Why transfer?

You’re probably here because your current domain provider isn’t giving you the service you need, you just want to consolidate your properties or it’s just time for a change. Our goal is to make this process as simple as possible so that you can get on with your life and move forward.

Everything in its place.

If you manage multiple domains, having them centralized can simplify your life. We make the process easy so you don’t have to stress.

Anyone can do it.

You don’t need to be a technical whiz to get started. Our process is as easy as possible so you can be up and running quickly.

Management made easy.

Subdomains? Forwarding? We can do all that and more. Plus, our domain management tools are straightforward for everyone.

Always up to date.

We monitor your domains in real time to so make sure your websites are always upto date and running.

Go worldwide.

You’re not limited to .com domains here. Choose from a wide variety of domain names in multiple languages and extensions.

Buy in bulk.

Why pick up just one domain? Save up to 31% when you register or transfer six or more .com domains at once.

Renew in 4 Easy Steps

Log In to Account

Sign in to your Namecheap Account Panel and go to the ‘Expiring/Expired section’. View a list of all of your domains that are up for renewal.

Select Domains

Click the checkboxes of the domains you wish to renew and click the ‘Add Selected’ button. Click ‘View Cart’ to go to your shopping cart.

Review Order

Review your cart, and don’t forget to renew WhoisGuard and PremiumDNS too. Select the number of years for which you wish to renew.

Confirm and Finish

Once you are happy with your choices, simply click ‘Confirm Order’ and complete your purchase. You will be sent an email confirming your order.

Start Renewing

Now WhoisGuard Privacy Protection is FREE Forever!

Your privacy will be safe forever with WhoisGuard.

Contact Info Shield

WhoisGuard contact information is displayed in the publicly-accessible Whois database, taking the place of your name, postal address, phone number, and fax number. Your personal information remains private. This means you're safe from telemarketers, unsolicited phone calls, junk mail and identity theft.

Spam Killer

WhoisGuard replaces your email address in the Whois database with a unique address. Every email sent to this address is filtered and then forwarded to an email address of your choice, drastically reducing the amount of spam in your inbox, while ensuring you receive legitimate communication.

Now Free Forever

When you register an eligible new domain name or transfer an existing eligible domain to Namecheap, you'll receive WhoisGuard privacy protection absolutely FREE for as long as you keep your domain with Namecheap.

Flexible Control

Update your settings any time you want. It's easy to enable and disable WhoisGuard, control how often forwarding email addresses will be refreshed, or modify your custom email preferences, all from within one simple control panel.

Prevent domain hijacking

Without privacy protection, you're leaving your domain (and your website) open to hackers. With your contact information exposed, you're providing clues that unscrupulous individuals can use to gain access to your account or transfer your domain to another registrar.

Avoid fraud

A laid-back approach to privacy can result in your details being used by a fraudster to answer security questions and gain access to your private accounts. By blocking your details, you make it that much harder for someone to hack into your accounts.

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