WHpress is a WP plugin that makes integrating WHCS WordPress a breeze. It is the best thing that can happen to your WordPress managed web-hosting website.

WHpress allows you to pull your WHCS Products, Domains and Prices into WordPress smoothly and simply and display them in a variety of ways including package comparison tables, price lists, and order buttons. Clients will be taken to your WHCS to complete their purchase. If you want to keep your clients on your WordPress site you should also purchase our ‘Client Area Add-on’ available separately.

A professional plugin developed for professional webhosting companies

WHpress fetches your hosting plan names, prices, order links & domain lists from WHCS and shows in the form of fancy pricing tables, order combos, order buttons & domain price tables. It offers you short codes to insert these components wherever you would like within your WordPress web hosting site.

WHpress sync pulls data from your WHCS database through into your WordPress database – so any changes you make in WHCS can be quickly applied to your WordPress site by a simple sync – no need to enter the data twice. This also makes the display of data super-quick.

Built from scratch by a Webhosting company with a deep love for WHCS. WHpress is your last stop with all the tools you need to make a perfect webhosting site out of WordPress and WHCS, a fully loaded WHCS Bridged and Integrated website to give you more options to display your webhosting services.

Still mucking around with WHCS+ WordPress?

We’ve been there.
That’s why we created WHPress. It’s your last stop with all the tools you will need to make a perfect webhosting site out of wordpress and WHCS. Built from scratch by Dev. Team of a Tricasol company, with a deep love for WHCS.

Top 7 WHpress Features

1. MultiCurrency

WHpress offers multi-currency pricing, let your end user to select currency from within WP site while browsing the website.

2. Shortcodes Templates (Skins)

WHpress allows you to change the face of all shortcodes offers. This is very use full when you plan to match complex pricing tables with your existing WP themes. More than 10 Pricing table templates/ layouts are included + Plus many more matching with famous themes.

3. Cache

WHpress caches your prices, domains lists and everything else needed into WordPress, so it does not have to fetch it from WHCS every time, giving you ultimate performance.

4. Auto Calculated Discounts

WHpress isn’t just for replicating pricing from WHCS. Its WP WHCS integration goes one step further with calculating discounts that you are offering on multi-year pricing and show right into pricing tables and order links.

5. Matching Pricing tables (and other components) for Famous Hosting Themes

WHpress offers matching componenets for most wiedly used themes. What does means? When you place a pricing table in Avada, WHpress will fetch prices from WHCS and output it as an Avada matching Pricing Table. You do not have to play with CSS to match pricing table and other components with your theme. Matching components are being offered for following themes.

6. Extremly flexible Ajax Domain Search

Ajax domain search with a lot of options to play, right inside your WP. Search and home page but show results on your domain page.

7. Multilingual Package Name & Details

Override Package/Service Name/ Details according to language.

And a whole list of features that you will not find with any other WP-WHCS bridge or WP-WHCS Integration solution. … scroll down for more.

8. Order Button

To place a order customer can click the order button and thats take the customer to the order page where customer can place order.

To place a order click below Order Now button

9. Order URL

URL of the Order Details page from where user can see their order details,


Still using mix of plugins for Whois look-up, domain search and WHCS WP integration and doing custom coding to embed your prices and order buttons in WordPress?

WHPress does that all and strong.


With WHpress you can insert plan prices, order links, order buttons, order drop downs, domain registration, comparison charts, pricing tables and Whois within the content and where ever else.

WHPress lets you do so much more with so much less.


All you need to do is enter your WHCS information once, and let WHPress do the magic. It cannot get simpler than that. If you are familiar with WordPress and have a working site, it takes less than an hour to uplift your web-hosting business with best WHCS WordPress Integration.


WHpress caches your prices, domains lists and everything else needed into WordPress, so it does not have to fetch it from WHCS every time, giving you ultimate performance.

WHpress with WordPress native performance, you will have a true competitive edge.


WHPress is a WHCS Plugin that helps you sale more hosting. It puts the control in your hands by giving customization options to you in short-codes, CSS or presentation layer level with highly commented code and detailed documentation.

Now it’s your turn to rise and shine.