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What is Reseller Hosting?

Ever thought of starting your own reseller hosting business? Tricasol has made it possible for you by bringing you the best Reseller SSD Hosting ever. What exactly Reseller Hosting is for? A Reseller hosting plan enables you to manage your own separate Web Hosting Management account. You are empowered with a WHM account through which you can resell web hosting as the name suggests. All of this made possible because of latest cPanel Reseller Hosting Panel. This Control Panel allows you to allocate dedicated environments under one managed account of Reseller Hosting. Users have the ability to host their web applications and website in their shared or VPS hosting account. All multiple hosting accounts are managed by you effortlessly from one portal which gives you access to root files and settings. You can get hosting packages modified easily from your cPanel. We may deliver you cheap Reseller hosting, but our quality can never be cheap. All accounts are fully secure against security breaches from the top firewall services. Data backups are regular, and the schedule can be personalized according to your desire. Full Server configurations live backups make your life easier by saving the current server configurations and help you to return to previous settings when you are in trouble.

Why SSD Reseller Hosting?

How Tricasol Manages to be the best web reseller? What we offer as the SSD Reseller Hosting promises to become one of the top 10 reseller hosting rank. Why SSD Hosting is becoming one of the top-line product in the world of tech?

SSD are designed to meet high-end performances because of their technology free from mechanically moving parts just like any other SATA hard drive would perform. These SSD can perform upto 40X faster than the convectional hard drives and hence can deliver the requested data in a blink of an eye. Web Hosting is all based upon the fundamental phenomena of HTTP request and the server’s response. SSDs bring the response time to drastically low levels and bring an astonishgingly fast performcne. Tricasol offers all Reseller Hosting plans with Solid State Drives that will give you the thriving Reseller Hosting Business you have experienced ever.

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