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Buy Cheap PKNIC Cards Online RS. 2000/

PKNIC prepaid cards are used to register or renew .pk ccTld domains, these cards valid to register all ccTLDs offered by PKNIC SRS. PKNIC Prepaid Cards are used to register or renew .pk ccTld domains. These cards are valid to register all ccTLDs offered by PKNIC SRS. You can buy cheap retail & bulk PKNIC Cards from Tricasol offering lowest domain price. PKNIC Cards can be used to register, renew any extension with .PK like,, One card is good to register a 2 years Country specific top level as well as second and third level domains extensions for Pakistan which includes .pk,,,,,,,,,,,, and Tricasol is a PKNIC SRS Member providing cheap, Instant & bulk PK NIC Prepaid Cards at affordable and best Prices in PKR & Paypal USDs for PK Domains. Since Tricasol is an authorized PKNIC SRS member that’s why you can get cards instantly at lowest price with peace of mind. To use pknic cards you will have to login to your account on and load domain credit by going to:

Register/Renew/Transfer Your PK Domains

Buy cheap PKNIC card for registration or renewal of Pakistani Domain by yourself. As we are the reseller of PKNIC and register a large number of PK domains every month, so Being SRS member, we can generate Prepaid Cards for using them to register or renew a PK domain, You can register any PK extension extension yourself, simply create a PK account, ask us for PKNIC prepaid cards and by adding funds through PKNIC prepaid card, use the funds to register your PK extension in your own account panel or you can ask us to insert card information to you domain.
If you have registered your suffix with any suffix registration and web hosting company and now you have to pay its renewal and the company is asking much more expense for that, you need not to ask them to renew your domain simply got a PKNIC prepaid card from us and renew your domain yourself or ask us to renew that. These PKNIC cards can be utilized for registering or renewing any ccTLD suffix or extension presented by PK Registry for two years. Below you can find the price comparison on the bases of order of number of cards at 1 time.
These PKNIC prepaid cards are often used to register or renew ccTLD suffix or extension presented by PK Registry for two years. Above you can find price comparisons on the basis of the order of the number of cards at 1 time. We even provide Home / Office delivery of prepaid cards. you can call us at the phone numbers below or just fill out the form below to get PKNIC cards where ever you want.

Bulk PKNIC Cards

Tricasol is offer Bulk PKNIC Prepaid cards @ 1675/card on bulk orders. PKNIC cards can be used for registration of new PK domains, or to renew , transfer .PK domains under your management

Domain Pricing

PKNIC Domain Restrictions

Applications for these domains must conform to the PKNIC registration policy agreement in addition to the requirements and restrictions given below. In the case of any difference between the PKNIC registration policy and the specific domain terms and conditions described below, these terms and conditions will apply.

  1. The maximum domain name length is 63 characters (excluding the .pk portion), and the maximum length is 67 characters including .pk suffix  
  2. For second level .PK domains, the minimum length for the domain name, exclusive of the .pk portion is four characters (e.g. .
  3. For third level .COM.PK, etc domains, the minimum domain name of one character are allowed (e.g. The label "pk" and all the second level suffix names are reserved for these domain types (e.g. can not register,,,, etc).
  4. A domain name can not begin with a dash "-", and can not have two consecutive dashes "--"in it. These are reserved for IDN encodings
  5. Generic dictionary words are allowed (unless they violate other terms set forth here or in the general PKNIC Registration Policy).
  6. The domain name is not present in the list of reserved or blocked names.  Examples of reserved namespace are INFO.PK, NAME.PK, etc.

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