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PKNIC is an organization in Pakistan which holds the authority to maintain and operate Domain Name System of .PK , .COM.PK ccTLD. Every organization who needs .PK domain needs to register with PKNIC. Even government bodies will register their website on PKNIC in order to get a , .pk or a domain. PKNIC acts as a registrar of the domain and provides with registry service for this ccTLD. .PK is a country code Top Level Domain ccTLD for Pakistan. They run Root servers for all domains that end up with a .pk ccTLDd.

Functions of PKNIC

PKNIC also acts as a regulatory body for maintaining a fair system which eradicates any kind of domination of any individual or organization over Domain Names issue. This organization carries out a franchise program for the domain registration management. Currently, there are only a few authorized registrars of PKNIC. Registrars can help you register a new domain or transfer an existing one on your name. In short, PKNIC is overall responsible for:

Tricasol is an official and authorized franchise of PKNIC and can get you to register your new .PK domain. Tricasol is also endorsed as a legal Prepaid PKNIC cards Reseller.

Bulk PKNIC Cards

Tricasol is offer Bulk PKNIC Prepaid cards @ 1675/card on bulk orders. PKNIC cards can be used for registration of new PK domains, or to renew , transfer .PK domains under your management

Domain Pricing

What is PKNIC Prepaid Card used for?

A PKNIC Prepaid card is just like an ordinary top-up card you might have used to make payments of mobile service companies and ISP providers. These PKNIC Prepaid Cards comprise of 10 to 12 digits revealed upon scratching the card number. Tricasol PKNIC Prepaid Card Reseller provides them so that you can use them to pay biannual charges of your domain registration. PKNIC Prepaid cards can be used both for renewal or registration of a new domain.

You can always trust Tricasol to manage your domain. Tricasol will get along with the renewal process on your behalf but the original domain will remain under your ownership. PKNIC payment would not be an issue for you further. Just pay for your annual total charges and we will do the rest needful for you. Just add domain credit from PKNIC cards and you are good to go with your PKNIC payment.

Domains under PKNIC

PKNIC offers two levels of ccTLDS on its PK Root servers; .pk and The former is second level ccTLD and is a third level domain. Third level domains offer further details to the domain, for instance, the provincial code in their domains i.e.,, etc.

Tricasol has its own service to check for the availability of .pk domains. PKNIC search domain portal at Tricasol website enables you to register a .pk domain at the click of a button. The .pk domain is offered on a first come first served basis. So, you need to hurry up and signup for PKNIC domain with the best domain registrar in Pakistan.

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