Why to do Web Development in PHP?

PHP stands for Personals Home Page. PHP is a script language that is freely available and used  on Linux and Windows Web servers.

In computer software, PHP is programming language. It can develop computer software in the widest verity of application and domain.This is general purpose language. PHP has status because it does not include language constructs designed to be used within a specific application domain.

PHP code can be execute with a command line interface with the help of HTML. This language evolved without a written formal specification. It can do many programming task out of web task.

As we talk about web development with PHP.  It use PHP as back-end language and MYSQL as database. These can built dynamic web pages that can interact with database. It is a open source language that is specifically use for web pages and application embedded with HTML.

PHP play an important role in web development. It can be used to relate with files on the server,send and receive cookies,access and modify data held on a database. Dynamic content can be created by using PHP.

Now as we talk about front end, it includes HTML, CSS, Js etc. Only PHP is not use full for front end we have include other languages.  Mostly people think only PHP is worthy for front end and back end but it is not possible. We have to HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP as well.

HTML is for creating the basic structure. CSS is for styling this whole structure or the individual structures within it. PHP is for dynamic changes in the web pages. PHP is mainly focus on server-side scripting, such as collect form data. But PHP can do much more. There are three main areas where PHP scripts are use. Server-side scripting.